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After Adapting The Kitten The Woman Discovered Her Special Talent And The Great Energy She Had

Ellie Malin was looking for a cat when she came across a list of animals in her region that were available for adoption. The tabby cat attracted the girl’s attention right away…

“Bob Marley is one of my all-time favorite musicians, and that’s the name given to the cat at the shelter.” Ellie adds, “I took that as a sign.”

Credit: Allie Malin @marleymalin

She got in her car and traveled 40 minutes to see a fluffy little guy that day. When she arrived, she was met by a ball of energy who couldn’t seem to get enough of her attention.

Credit: Allie Malin @marleymalin

“He started coming up to me and cuddling within a minute or so,” Ellie says.

Marley immediately found an approach to her, chirping his purring songs, and completely charmed the girl. “We hit it off quickly. I knew he was the one.”

Credit: Allie Malin @marleymalin
Credit: Allie Malin @marleymalin

That day, she took him home, and it was the start of a great, exciting experience.

“He’s the funniest cat I’ve ever met, and he’s very loving and kind to everyone!” Ellie explains. “He has an endless supply of energy and fun, yet when he gets weary, he enjoys cuddling.”

Credit: Allie Malin @marleymalin

Marley has a sweet meow that sounds like a combination of purring and happy talking. When he yawns, he finishes the yawn with his trademark chirp, as if this helps him shake off his tiredness.

Credit: Allie Malin @marleymalin

During the games, the striped boy is a true outlaw. When his eccentricities are in full gear, it’s impossible to predict what he’ll say next.

Without turning around, he can pursue invisible bugs throughout the room, knocking anything in his way.

Credit: Allie Malin @marleymalin

Ellie adds, “He loves to play with sink water and soft toys, hurl himself against the glass in the windows, capture insects (he has a true knack for this), play hide & seek with me, and spring out from behind every corner.”

“He constantly makes me laugh, and when I’m unhappy, he consoles me.” He is the most wonderful thing that has ever occurred to me!”

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