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A Tiny Kitten Who Was Left Under A Tree Is Rescued And Grows Up To Be A Playful Cat

Nikki Martinez and her husband were out walking when they came across a little cat sobbing in the limbs of a tree. The couple chose to save the black cat because she was alone and vulnerable. They brought her home to care for her and named her Ej, which is a lovely name.

Credit: Love for Kittens

Ej was a little thing, but he was charmingly cute. She refused to take the bottles, so the couple resorted to feeding her through a tube. Despite being looked after and adored, the small infant remained calm.

She didn’t gain or lose weight. She began to show indications of healing one week after being rescued. Nikki’s voice seemed familiar to her.

Credit: Love for Kittens

Thankfully, she was doing better every day. She loved to cuddle and snuggle with her foster mom. She could eat new food but still needed tube feeding.

When she was 5 weeks, she felt well enough to play with a toy, and she loved it. She didn’t need tube feeding as she could eat by herself.

Credit: Love for Kittens

Ej was strong enough to find her ultimate home after three months. Thankfully, she was adopted in November 2019 by a wonderful family. She has evolved into a fierce and adorable feline. She is smitten with her new owner.

She enjoys playing with her pals and learning about the world around her.

Credit: Love for Kittens

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