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After The Girl’s Pet Cat Died She Worked At The Shelter For Three Years And Recognized A Familiar Face

Spanky, Hanna Rowntree’s pet cat, died one day. She grieved and was concerned about what had happened to him. Since then, three years had gone. Hanna started working at a cat shelter in December of last year, and on the second day, she recognized a familiar black and white face…

It turned out to be Spanky himself, and Hanna was overjoyed to finally be able to take him home.

Credit: Hanna Rowntree

The kid volunteered at a cat shelter and was surprised to see her long-lost pet there.

Hannah’s first cat was Spanky, whom she adored.

Credit: Hanna Rowntree

The disappearance of a cat three years ago worried his owner. She spent months searching with her family, but to no effect. Only one thing could be deduced:

Did the cat die or someone took it for themselves?

And recently, Hannah signed up to volunteer at the shelter.

Credit: Hanna Rowntree

In December of this year, she began working at the Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center.

Hanna observed a cat that resembled Spanky like two peas in a pod on her second day of work.

Credit: Hanna Rowntree

He is, in fact, who he claims to be!

Credit: Hanna Rowntree

In September 2019, the cat was found on the side of the road and taken to a shelter, where he was adopted by a married couple. He was returned a few weeks later since he didn’t want to capture mice, something the owners didn’t like.

Hannah is ecstatic that everything turned out so well!

Credit: Hanna Rowntree

Now the Spankys have implanted a chip so they don’t get lost again.

The cat is silent about where he was and what he did all these years. This is one of those secrets that are covered in rumbling…

Credit: Hanna Rowntree

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