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The Kitties Found Happiness Together After Fleeing The Wild Life

A family in Ontario, Canada, discovered a litter of four scared kittens in their barn earlier this year. They were around six to seven weeks old and appeared to be rambunctious. With an appeal for assistance, the finders approached animal advocates Salty Animal Rescue.

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

The organization’s founders, Caitlin and Carly Saltarsky, warmly replied. They had the kittens examined by a veterinarian and decided on overexposure to socialize the hissing lumps.

Volunteers were scanning the area for the cat’s mom in the meanwhile. Their search was successful after a few days, and the cat was reunited with the brood in a comfortable home environment.

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

Akela and Infinite Lou (Balu), two black girls, often hugged together, hiding from people’s eyes. While their striped siblings gradually loosened up, these sisters still needed each other for courage.

“They have not been in contact with humans for the entire six to seven weeks of their lives from birth. Akela and Infinite Lou became timid, but gained confidence every day,” the rescuers say.

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

Boundless Lou’s daring was unrivaled. Her sister Akela, who was more reserved, maintained her composure. “They might both be irritable at the start, but they always finish up behaving in the loveliest way.”

The kittens required further socialization, and the rescuers hoped that someone would not be put off by their outward behavior and would give the youngsters a chance.

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

Candace, a woman seeking for a kitten buddy for her one-year-old cat, came upon the story of the sisters around this time. “I noticed that no one was picking them up, so I filled out the form without hesitation,” Candice explains.

“These two inseparable girls hold a particular place in my heart. The love between them is the kind of love that I want to be a part of. I’ve always wanted twins, and it appears that I’ve finally found them.”

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

Zoe and Zara, the kittens’ new names, act identically. Candace explains, “When I took the girls, they were little yet powerful.”

“Zara was Zoya’s guardian, as she hesitated and was apprehensive about meeting a new person and moving into a new house. They were usually in close quarters. They conversed at a distance if Zara walked away from Zoya.

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

The kittens became acquainted with the neighborhood cat Zeke after acclimating to their new home. Immediately created a stylish trio. “From the beginning, these three gelled. He’s now their big brother!”

“By this point, the girls are inseparable — they eat, play, and solve issues together.” They also cover each other at all times. Candace adds, “That link just becomes stronger with time.”

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

“Zara is tremendously loving and can’t seem to get enough of it. At night, Zoe is the first one to climb on the bed and snuggle up next to me. They’re a kind of brace. They wash their faces together and do everything together.”

The previous savages grew highly friendly with the guidance of bigger brother Zeke. “They are both hilarious, adventurous, and loving, and they bring a lot of happiness into our family.”

Credit: Salty Animal Rescue

Their tabby siblings have also found families, and their feral cat mom is doing well in foster care.

A couple of months ago, the sisters could not be near people, but now they adore their owners and are generally satisfied with the conditions of home life.

“What a joy it is to see how frightened wild kittens turn into happy pets,” the rescuers write

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