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The Balcony Ledge Protects Hero Cat’s Little Brother

Little children are naturally curious and may get themselves into a lot of trouble if left to their own devices. But someone is always there to keep one lucky youngster in Bucaramanga, Colombia safe: the family cat.

The 1-year-old youngster recently wanted to peer over the balcony railing of his apartment.

His cat is perched nearby, taking in the scenery. Because he can’t see what’s going on, the kid grabs at the railing, hoping to push himself up onto the ledge – but his cat babysitter knows better.

When the toddler’s cat brother discovers what the young guy is doing, he gently swats his hand away from the railing. However, this does not deter the interested toddler from stepping away from the cat and trying again.

The cat rushes over and unhooks the child’s hand from the railing, then puts himself in front of the ledge, preventing the youngster from going any farther.

The entire exchange was captured on video by someone nearby. Because of the security mesh covering the balcony, the child’s life was never in genuine danger. The courageous cat, on the other hand, deserves to be named “best babysitter of the year.”

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