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Torticollis Affected Kitten Is Adopted By Cats Who Insist On Keeping Him

Volunteer coordinator Haley Waugh works at Sacramento, California’s Front Street Animals shelter (United States). She got a little tabby cat with difficulties with one of her pupils and a tipped head. The response of her animals surprised Haley when she returned home.

Despite her condition, the kitten was having trouble staying balanced and moving around by herself. Ella Haley made an effort to provide her with a secure haven at home.

She said:


Tortellini arrived very underweight, but the love of her new foster family and the care in her diet helped the little girl get ahead.

The adorable kitten bowed her head every time her foster mother entered her room; she felt safe and just wanted to play and be cuddled.


The kitten’s ear infection was treated and she started to perform extremely well in just a few weeks thanks to care and medicine. She ran about the room inquisitively before getting ready to meet the other cats.

Haley informs:

“His head tilt was unaffected by the infection’s treatment. The veterinarian believes he will likely always have her. He does not stop her from being a contented and amusing kitty.


When Tortellini met Waylon and Ruben, the house cats, he immediately sought to win their affection. She rubbed her nose soothingly on the fur of her new siblings, and the two cats immediately welcomed her.


Waylon and Ruben took care of their infant sister and even alternated between entertaining her. The cat would therefore never be alone and would always have someone to cuddle with.

Mother of the boy:

She’ll probably spend the rest of her life bent over, but other than falling over and occasionally being stupider, she’s just like any other cat.


Haley discovered that her cats had already made up their minds about accepting Tortellini into the family when the kitten was completely recovered and prepared to be put up for adoption. They did everything together and had a terrific relationship.


Added Haley

“I’ve been wanting to adopt Tortellini for a while, but I needed to look for the ideal adopter first. I assumed it was her fate and that she was supposed to be where she is when no one inquired about her. She is adored by my cats much more than I am, and I am thrilled to expand my family of kittens.


While spending time with her siblings and constantly wanting to be first in everything, despite the fact that her brothers are much older, the naughty cat, according to Haley, has adjusted to her new position flawlessly. They admire her and give her free rein to do anything she pleases.

Without a doubt, Tortellini found the perfect family , and her brothers Ruben and Waylon pamper and protect her every day.

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