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No One Can Imagine A Special Friend Who Visits This “Scary” Cat Everyday

Meet Ace, a lovable cat that was saved from the streets when he was a stray kitten. Unfortunately, an illness caused him to lose one of his eyes. He is therefore a little unique and frequently misinterpreted by some new people he encounters. Adults are frequently afraid to welcome him, children may find him frightening, and no one wants to play with him.


“He can sometimes seem scary, especially to children,” Norma Maikovich, Ace’s owner, told The Dodo. “People are often hesitant to greet him.”


Despite losing one eye, Ace is very adventurous and isn’t afraid of anything. He loves to spend his days lounging on the porch out front, watching the world go by. “He never strays further than that, and he’s happy and content with this.”


Maikovich just installed a home security camera to monitor him, so it was a huge surprise when they saw a little child playing with Ace on the video.


“When looking at the footage, we noticed one particular boy tends to visit almost every single day,” Maikovich said.

The neighbor boy takes time out of his routine almost daily to visit and play with the “scary” cat. It melted the owners’ hearts, and Ace clearly adores him for it.

Here’s the video of Ace and his friend:

They notified the youngster that he is always welcome after reviewing the footage and realizing that the boy felt he had to be covert in his visits. The child was overjoyed to learn that, and he can now go see and pet Ace every day without having to sneak about.


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