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Making A Sign To Prevent Their Cunning Cat From Leaving The House

Hubert, an 8-year-old cat, was taken home by his family three months ago from a nearby animal shelter. He was described as being spunky and lots of personality by the personnel at the shelter. So, when his human first saw him, they fell in love with him right away and chose to bring him home.

Credit: Laci Reamer

“We always describe his personality as a grumpy old man who secretly loves and needs attention,” Laci Reamer, Hubert’s mom said.

The sweet cat moved into Laci Reamer’s house and quickly settled into his new home. Although the shelter said he’d always been an indoor cat, the family noticed that he was absolutely obsessed with the great outdoors. For this reason, he was always trying to escape and go play outside whenever he could.

Credit: Laci Reamer

“He tries to escape on the daily,” Reamer said. “He succeeded one time in his escape. We didn’t know until he started walking up the sidewalk! How can you miss a 31-pound cat escaping through your legs at the door? Yes, you read that right! He’s 31 pounds. He’s chunky, but spunky (he is on a diet).”

Credit: Laci Reamer

He continued to attempt to flee despite the family’s best efforts to keep him inside. Hubert frequently waited for a stranger to unlock his front door while seated behind it. Then he would persuade them that he could walk outside by using his pitiful expression. His family had thus devised the funny solution of hanging a sign.

Credit: Laci Reamer

“We designed the sign because he really does give people the ‘Please help me’ look with those wide eyes. There are things for me to see and do. Reamer said, “If you just open that door, I’ll glide right by you. We wanted to alert people to the fact that he is really skilled at begging. We don’t want him to get injured because we live on a busy street!

The sign foiled Hubert’s elaborate escape plans. Visitors strive to keep him safe inside no matter what he does after viewing the notice. His happiness is not being sought for by the family. Because they live on a busy street, which is unsafe for their cat, they are just concerned for his safety.

Credit: Laci Reamer

Thankfully, his family is trying to let him explore in a much more supervised way. They ordered him a harness and leash to start his outdoor adventures and satisfy his intense love of going outside. He loves his new comfy life and his family so much.

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