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Before Going To Bed The Cat Insists On A Ride In Her Box Every Single Night

After being abandoned, Selina was adopted into her family, and ever since then, her dad has been her favorite person.

According to Selina’s family member Divya Krishnan, “He loves to carry her around like a baby.”


Selina and her dad have always had a special bond and love doing things together, and one night after he arrived home from work, they accidentally created a fun game that has now become their nightly routine.


One of Selina’s favorite past times was lounging in a box, when her father decided he wanted to relocate the box. Selina enjoyed it since he didn’t force her to relocate; instead, he just moved the box with her within it to the proper location.

Krishnan said, “He always maintains at least two boxes upstairs for her to take a ride. He wanted to move the box one night while she was in it and then the next minute she was in the box enjoying the time of her life.

Selina and her father now follow a regular ritual. After waiting for him to arrive home from work at the door, she follows him upstairs and waits for him to change. She jumps into her box when he’s ready, and he drags her about for a time. Selina won’t ever do without it since it’s the ideal way to conclude the day.

It always occurs in the evening at the same hour, according to Krishnan.

Selina meows repeatedly until her dad receives the message if for some reason it appears like he won’t follow the pattern or if he’s taking too long. She is too devoted to their pattern to ever allow him to lose it.

Selina adores her father dearly and cherishes the opportunity to spend each evening doing something special with him. Of course, Selina’s father appreciates their routine and loves her just as much as she does. Their relationship has always been unique, and her dad would stop at nothing to see that Selina is happy.

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