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Cat Fallen Madly in Love With A Little Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout

It’s Quincy, then.

He is a lovable, cuddly cat that is aware of his preferences.


What Quincy likes — nay, loves — is a little cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito.

And he’s not afraid to show it.


A while back, Quincy’s owner, Twitter user radtoria, purchased the Danny DeVito cutout as a gag gift for her boyfriend. Under lockdown, she thought people passing by their house might get a chuckle from seeing it, too.

But somewhere along the line, a certain someone became extra smitten.


“I started putting it in the window to spice up our neighbors’ walks. Then I’d take it down at night to close the blinds,” radtoria told The Dodo. “Time and time again, I’d wake up to find Quincy snuggling with it.”


There was initially considerable worry that Quincy may harm the cutout. Surprisingly, the cat’s persistent attention hasn’t even slightly hurt the tiny DeVito. This cardboard cutout is more than just a toy for Quincy.

“With that, he is really gentle. Never does he bite it. Never does he wrestle with it. It’s like he sees it as a special toy,” radtoria said. He simply stretches his paws over it and gives me a look that says, “Don’t mess with me,” if I attempt to take it away from him (which I don’t bother with anymore).

Quincy is obviously in love:

Now, almost every time Quincy takes a sleep, Danny DeVito’s miniature cardboard cutout is there.

“I still find it amusing. It’s simply such a bizarre, unbelievable event “said radtoria. “He has a ton of toys. Why is that?”


Sure, it’s a little unusual — but the heart wants what the heart wants.

And for Quincy, the choice has been made.


Of course, Quincy still makes time to spend quality time with his family. After all, it was they who first introduced him to the cherished tiny cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito in his life.

And if Quincy is content, so are they.

He’s the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, according to Radtoria. We appreciate that he has a different place to snuggle.

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