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Little Kitten Runs Away The Bushes And Meets Her New Mom

When Cassie heard an odd chirping sound coming from a bush, she was about to leave. When she arrived at the bush, she discovered a kitten within. The kitty emerged from the brush when she spotted Cassie and walked right up to her.

When she took up the cat, it growled at her at first but then quickly melted.

Credit: Cassie

“I pick her up, put her on my chest and I walk her over to where my stuff is. I found a Frisbee in my car and so I filled that up with water and she’s just drinking and drinking and drinking. I had cat food in my car for my cats, so I grabbed some of that and gave it to her and she’s just like scarfing it down,” Cassie said.

Credit: Cassie

The kitten didn’t want to leave Cassie, sat up on her shoulder and just wanted to stay there. “She just follows me everywhere.

Anywhere I would go, she would follow me back forth, back and forth. She didn’t want to leave my side at all. And the second she runs to me, I knew automatically she was going to stay with me forever.”

Credit: Cassie

Cassie brought the home and named her Charm. “I just believe that was a case of being in the right location at the right moment through pure chance. I thus came up with the name Charm since I wanted to give her a lucky name.

Credit: Cassie

She bathed the cat since it was filthy, famished, and dehydrated. She slept out for the remainder of the evening, and the next morning, she appeared to have changed completely. She began to feel confident in herself and began to come out of her shell.

She was unafraid of the dog and the other cats. She lacked no fear at all.

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