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The Skinny Cat Was Sick And Limping But Did Not Abandon Her Helpless Kittens

In order to protect her young, weak cat ignored her own health. She struggled and starved, but she never left her kids.
An uninterested bystander spotted a skinny cat with five kittens.

He made contact with Virginia’s Animal Allies volunteers and invited them to the scene.

Credit: Debbie Harris @fosterkittys

One of the animal activists, Debbie , was struck by the thinness and weakness of the mother cat. The poor thing suffered from fleas and limped. As it turned out later, the cat injured its paw in a fight with an unknown animal.

The fluffy mother-heroine steadfastly endured her calamities. Her kittens were shiny with satiety and grooming, and she herself was so tired that she almost fell off her feet.

Credit: Debbie Harris @fosterkittys

“I have never met such responsible mothers!” , says an impressed Debbie.

The cat was given the name Chili, and her children – Chimi, Taco, Pico, Salsa and Churro.

Credit: Debbie Harris @fosterkittys

The kittens were lively, sociable, and energetic. Their hue was really striking. Look at how harmonic and vibrant they are!

The kind cat Chili is beloved by everyone, even her doctor. She began to grow stronger and round in the proper areas on a diet rich in nutrients.

Credit: Debbie Harris @fosterkittys

Now the whole family is in foster care. Babies are growing and eating solid food. Their guardian regularly pampers the kittens with all sorts of treats.

Credit: Debbie Harris @fosterkittys

As for the mother-cat, she is simply happy that she led the children to a happy future and at the same time managed to get a good job herself!

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