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Woman Helps Kitten Find A Forever Home After Hearing His Desperate Cries on the Street

Nobody else could hear an animal’s screams for rescue, but Michigan Cat Rescue’s founder and president Nancy Hutchinson could. She may have saved a lot of needy animals because she hears about them frequently. She was the only one to hear the small kitten’s distress call when it was in trouble.

Credit: Michigan Cat Rescue

She tells iHeartCats, “I was at my friend’s house on her porch. “A faint scream kept coming to mind. I said, “I think I hear a cat,” to her. She was not aware of it.

That day, Hutchinson was unable to locate the animal. A black kitten was seen running across the street by her friend a few days later, though.

Fortunately, a helpful neighbor tried to take the cat home, cleaned him off, and fed him. The cat was delighted to discover himself in a warm bath with food provided.

Michigan Cat Rescue

“He loves tummy rubs and loves having his photo taken,” Hutchinson says.

After that, he was taken to Cat’s Veterinary in Clinton Township, where the vet Christy Regan learned that the 4-week-old kitten was healthy even if desperately thin. She also gave him a name Oatmeal Stout because his coat fits the dark beer Oatmeal Stout.

The nonprofit group Michigan Cat Rescue asked for donations from animal lovers and organizations to save countless animals like Oatmeal Stout, made sure the kitty got the care he needed, as well as a foster family.

Michigan Cat Rescue

Fortunately, a woman by the name of Debbie submitted an adoption application, and it was accepted. She initially met him at Cats Vet and immediately fell in love with him.

Oatmeal Stout is currently living a happy life with Debbie, his new owner. The kitty is now living in the loving home he deserves.

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