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Cat Walks Into Hospital And Nurse Notices He’s Asking For Help

Nurse Abuzer zdemir observed an unexpected guest had visited the hospital the other day when he was at work in Turkey.

It was a stray cat that seemed like it needed help and was in distress.

Thankfully, zdemir remained unaffected by the cat’s cries for help.


The cat appeared to understand that the hospital would be a suitable location to obtain medical treatment, despite the fact that it was unknown exactly where he had come from or what could have injured him.

The cat entered the building with considerable resolve, as shown in CCTV footage provided by the hospital, and made his way through the hallways until assistance arrived.

That individual was zdemir.

The nursing assistant told news organization Enson Haber, “I saw a cat go in and it was staggering.” I put his foot in a splint after noticing that it was fractured when I took him up to examine him.

The wounded cat was able to move again after that.

But he also received more as a result of the visit.

According to the hospital where Özdemir works, the cat has since found a home in the very place he came for help. That, along with the compassion of Özdemir and other staffers, has earned the praise of the facility’s chief physician, Dr. Gökmen Reyhanlı:

“I thank our friends for their sensitivity,” Dr. Reyhanlı told news agency AA. “Our emergency personnel, who noticed the cat, performed the first response and then adopted him.”

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