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Man Goes To Drive-Through To Get Tacos And Comes Home With A Cat Instead

One day a man was craving some tacos and decided to go to his favorite taco restaurant. So he drove to the drive-through and placed his order. He was looking forward to enjoying his delicious meal, but he got a surprise kitty instead.

The Arrival of the Surprise
As the man was waiting for his food, a cat suddenly jumped into his car through the open window. The cat was not shy at all and made himself comfortable right on the man’s lap. He looked at the man with his big eyes and seemed to ask for some attention.

The man was shocked and amused by the unexpected visitor. He wondered where the cat came from and if he had an owner. He didn’t want to leave the cat alone near a busy street, so he decided to take him to the vet and check if he had a microchip.

At the vet, the staff scanned the cat and told the man that he was not microchipped and that no one had reported him missing. The cat was healthy, friendly and apparently homeless.

The Adoption
The man felt sorry for the cat and decided to name him Jose, after the taco restaurant where he found him. He posted Jose’s story online and hoped that someone would recognize him and claim him.

He pointed out that it is not unusual for people to abandon pets in the town where he found Jose. The town’s per capita income is very low, hence, the development. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Jose was a victim too.

No one came forward, however, to claim Jose. The man realized that Jose had chosen him as his new owner and that he now had a new furry friend. He happily adopted Jose and took him home!

A Happy Ending
Now Jose is living a good life with his new dad, thanks to the man’s kind heart and his love for tacos. Jose is no longer an unwanted cat, but a beloved member of the family!

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