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Love Is Blind: This Dog Without Eyes and His Support Cat Are Adopted Into a New Family Together

These two prove that a little four-legged friendship can help overcome almost anything.

Forget the old “fighting like cats and dogs” adage—this newly adopted cat-and-dog duo relies on cooperation, teamwork, and a bond that can’t be broken. Spike and Max are an unlikely pair who inspire us all to love life and stick close to the ones we can count on.

Spike is an 8-year-old mixed breed dog whose eyes have been removed and Max (also 8) is Spike’s lifelong feline friend and companion. On Jan. 25, the dedicated duo’s former family surrendered them to Saving Grace Animal Society, an animal shelter in Alberta, Canada.

Amanda McClughan with the shelter told CBC News that the pair had been living mostly outside and their special friendship likely started when they huddled together for warmth. Painful cataracts forced the removal of Spike’s eyes.

Rather than lead Spike everywhere, Max is more of a “support cat,” McClughan said.

“Max just provides a level of comfort and support for him,” she said. “He can smell him, he can feel him, and so it’s kind of a way to bring his stress and his anxiety down.”

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On Feb. 9, the shelter featured the pair on their Facebook page in an effort to find Max and Spike their new forever home. The shelter describes Spike as a “happy go lucky boy” who “loves life” and is happiest when he has a lap nearby where he can rest his head.

“Max is the yin to his yang,” the post says. “He is the constant that Spike has known throughout his life, and because of that it’s imperative they be adopted together. Max is such a character and he’s sure to keep you laughing!”

The sweet post garnered thousands of likes and shares—and within 11 days, the pair were on their way to a new home.

Saving Grace Animal Society posted an update letting everyone know that Spike and Max had indeed been adopted together, and were headed for their new home in Manitoba.

“They are on their way home with their new mama,” the post reads. “We are wishing the best of luck to this adorable duo.”

We’re so happy to hear that these sweet companions have been adopted together into a new home. For more information about where you can adopt your own furry friends, check out the Daily Paws adoption guide.

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