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Soldier Is Welcomed By An Adorable Cat

Cats, unlike dogs, are recognized for their independence and indifference; it’s uncommon to see a cat welcome you at the door like a dog. However, certain cats, such as Finn in the video below, truly know how to love.

Credit: YouTube

I’m sure you’ve seen footage of family members crying as soldiers return home. Finn’s father is a soldier as well; he has been abroad in the military for months and is finally heading home to see his family.

Credit: YouTube

In the video, you can see Finn, a grey-colored ragdoll cat is really excited for his dad Nick to return home. After a couple more seconds of suspense, the door is opened and Nick appears.

Credit: YouTube

Finn waggles his tail and meows as he walks near the door. He can’t contain his joy, meowing loudly and leaping into his father’s arms for a hug and a short kiss.

Credit: YouTube

This video is great proof that cats really do love their owners. Welcome home, Nick. A grateful country and cats are glad you’re home!
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Watch the video below!

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