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Cat Returns Home With a Note revealing His Double Life on His Collar

Nilo is a lovely cat with a hidden talent. He did, however, have a secret.

The truth was just made public.


Nilo’s owner, Héctor Morales, adopted him when he was just a kitten, born to a local stray. Since then, Morales has provided Nilo with a cozy home — though he soon discovered Nilo had inherited an insatiable desire for adventures outdoors.

Comfortable knowing that Nilo wasn’t wandering far, and that he always returned safely on his own, Morales was happy to give his cat that freedom.


But as Nilo grew older, he also became more daring.

His afternoon travels soon grew longer, and eventually days would go by without seeing Nilo. At first, Morales was concerned that his cat was in need somewhere, lost. But strangely:

According to Morales, “He constantly comes home, if he’d never gone.” Very peaceful, and also fatter.

There was a situation. Morales quickly learned what.


The other day, Nilo marched in after his latest days-long outing. This time, though, something was a little different.

Much to Morales’ surprise, there was a note attached to his cat’s collar.

“It was unreal,” Morales said.


Nilo wasn’t as outdoorsy as he first thought. He had been living a second life instead. Additionally, he used an alias.

The note stated, “We are the other family of “Angelo.” “He is in our house while he is not in yours.”


Morales was shocked — and yes, he felt a little betrayed. Nilo had been two-timing him. But then that feeling passed.

“When I thought about it, I was grateful that another family cared for him and had even given a name,” Morales said.

After a few days, Nilo was ready to head out again. So, Morales decided to write a note to his cat’s other family in return.


Please include your phone number. They might use it to let the other know if they ever went on vacation, Morales wrote, adding that they could. PS: Nilo consumed tuna before to departing.


Although Nilo’s (or more accurately, Angelo’s) private second dinners may soon be a thing of the past, the double portion of adoration will endure, openly.

Cats choose who they love, according to Morales. “We can’t deny them that if we love them back.”

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