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A Young Girl Teaches Her Cats To Draw Flowers

A little girl called Clarinha is seen instructing two cats on how to paint a flower in a recent video that was posted on Reddit. This movie has so much cuteness packed into it that it’s hardly surprising that it gained a lot of charming and amusing responses on Reddit.

Douglas Roberto and Jurandir, two adorable kitties, reside with their family in Brazil. In Brazil, several locations and schools had to close due to the coronavirus outbreak, making room for homeschooling.

Credit: YouTube

The little girl Clarinha missed her school, her teachers, and her friends so much, so she decided to give her two cats an art lesson at home.

Watch the cute video below. Get ready to melt!

Any questions, just ask! – Brazilian Portuguese translation The root is next. The root is now the same as the other side. Did you receive it? A flower it is. “Draw now.” Douglas Robert, did you understand? Jurandir, did you understand? “Look. You got it, right? This is how a flower is drawn.

Although this lesson might be beyond Douglas Roberto and Jurandir’s ability, they sat in those chairs so patiently and followed along with their teacher like two perfect students.

The cute video ends before the lesson is through, but we believe that Douglas Roberto and Jurandir are good students who deserve an A+. And of course, Clarinha deserves to be called a good teacher.

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