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Cute Munchkin Cat Quietly Attends Class With Owner While Inside The Desk

Pets have the amazing power to improve any situation a thousand times over. When you arrive home exhausted from a long day at work or school or lack the motivation to accomplish anything at all, sometimes all it takes to make you feel better is the sight of your fluffy pet coming to welcome you.

Other times, you may have to go for work or school but don’t want to leave your pet behind. Unfortunately, we are unable to bring our little fluffers with us wherever we go.

Ba Dun is an adorable 1-year-old Munchkin cat from China

Credits: BD20191125 on Douyin

This cute clip of a fluffy cat sleeping peacefully inside a school desk recently went popular on Douyin. His owner, Ms. Wen, apparently made the decision to bring her one-year-old Munchkin cat to class with her because he wouldn’t allow her leave home without him.

His owner recently carried him covertly to a university class after refusing to let her leave the house without him.

Credits: BD20191125 on Douyin

“Ba Dun kept cuddling up to my leg and looking really sad because he wanted me to stay with him,” Ba Dun’s owner told MailOnline.

Credits: BD20191125 on Douyin

“But I was running late for my class. I couldn’t bear letting him down so I brought him with me to the classroom.”

Credits: BD20191125 on Douyin

The footage capturing Ba Dun calmly sitting inside a classroom desk has been shared online and quickly went viral

Credits: BD20191125 on Douyin

By the way, the cat’s name is Ba Dun, which roughly translates to “eight dinners” in case you were curious. The cat’s owner explained the meaning behind the playful name to MailOnline, saying, “He could absolutely eat eight meals every day if I allowed him.”

Credits: BD20191125 on Douyin

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