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Man Discovered With A Kitten In The Subway Restores People’s Faith In Humanity

People have begun to have newfound trust in mankind thanks to a guy who was spotted riding the metro with a cat. A man in the same vehicle as Gillian Rogers drew her attention as she was taking the New York City subway home.

The fact that she was not alone and had a little cat curled up in a towel on her lap quickly made her day better.

Gillian stated to The Dodo:

“I was giving him bottle feedings. The affection was palpable to her. Seeing someone express such love made me feel like my heart was going to break. I was too preoccupied with the present.


After looking at this person for a moment, Gillian knew she couldn’t leave the subway without finding out a little more about what she had seen. So she approached the man to ask him the details of how she had met the little kitten or what was the reason for being there.

Gillian said:

“We had a talk, he told me that he had found the kitten abandoned between two buildings.”


He made the decision to save the small animal, taking care to keep him comfortable and nourished, rather than leaving it to fend for itself.

Added Gillian

He was feeding the kitten when it turned to face him. I thanked him since he was very consoling.

Even though she didn’t know his name, Gillian had to leave before she could question the man for further details about where he was going.


Even though they split up like two strangers, Gillian’s day was changed simply by seeing this person’s kind nature.

As Gillian said:

“It was a very unique occasion. I felt like I was walking on air as I got off the train. I was also thrilled and felt like it had restored my confidence in people. There are still good individuals in the world.


For the woman, this scene was truly touching, especially since she is the founder of the Pet Rescue Squad , a charity dedicated to rescuing animals. Gillian has dedicated much of her life to helping animals in need, and seeing people doing the same warms her heart.


After posting the beautiful scene online, the post went viral with many people lovingly reacting to the inspiring moment.

Gillian discovered how a show of compassion from a stranger can impact everyone and change their way of thinking.


Nicola said:

“I had no clue the picture would have such a strong emotional impact. We all need something to lift our spirits, and this makes me happy.”

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