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Sad-Faced Shelter Cat Looking For A Family Who Will Love Him Exactly As He Is

After losing his owner, Ben Franklin moved to the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, Connecticut, in June 2021. He was undoubtedly a touch uneasy, but his distinctive eyes and expression made everyone fall in love with him straight immediately.


Ben is crosseyed and also has a perpetually sad-looking face, but neither seems to affect him at all. The only real effect it has is making him irresistibly adorable to everyone who sees him.

“We noticed his crossed eyes right away and thought they were so cute,” Crystal, a staff member at the Animal Welfare Society, told The Dodo. “Ben has seen our vet, and there was no concern about his eyes.”


People might think that Ben’s eyes would get in the way of him getting adopted, but it’s actually the opposite. He gets a lot of attention from potential adopters when they first see his sweet face. Unfortunately, he isn’t as cuddly or outgoing as people want him to be right off the bat, and he’s now been waiting over a year for someone to finally take a chance on him.


Ben would like a calm home with a patient and understanding partner, Crystal added. “He would prefer a home without dogs or young children, but he would be fine with another laid-back cat who will respect his space and not want to play. We are certain that Benjamin will find a home despite his exceptional needs.


Ben also needs his new family to adhere to a particular medication diet for him. He may appear a little distant right now, but his shelter pals believe that’s just how hard he’s found shelter life to be. Hopefully he’ll be able to unwind and come out of his shell after he’s moved into his new house.

Ben Franklin may have a dejected appearance, but he genuinely does want to find a family he can love forever, and his shelter pals won’t give up until they find him the right match.

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