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Cat Emotionally Greets Blind Dog Pal After One Month Apart

They often say that cats and dogs are mortal enemies and these creatures can’t live under the same roof, but the truth may say otherwise.

In fact, they can stay with each other perfectly fine and their friendship is actually one of the purest and most admirable things in this world. Just like humans, animals also have an incredibly deep love and once you have the chance to experience it, it will surely blow your mind.

Credit: Rumble

Coco the dog went blind at 9 years old due to sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS), and for 5 years afterward, her feline friend Jasper has always been by her side as a perfect companion to guide her and comfort her upset soul. They complete each other.

Their connection was only disrupted a bit when their owner had to relocate for about one month for work. Given that Coco is blind and needed a little more care and attention, the dog was taken with her, while Jasper stayed behind under the care of her daughter.

According to what her daughter recalls, during that month when Coco was absent, Jasper had been waiting by the back door for his best pal daily. It seemed like the lonely cat was missing his dear friend, a lot. And when the separation comes to an end, at last, their reunion is one of the most emotional scenes their owners have ever witnessed!

Credit: Rumble

Thank God they captured the excitement of Jasper and Coco on camera! Anyone watching the video may tell that Jasper starts to get excited before the door even opens. And when Coco eventually enters, Jasper completely disregards his human companions in order to quickly catch up with his canine friend! Words just cannot express how heartwarming that situation is.

Their heart-warming reunion is proof that dogs and cats can be not only friends, but also each other’s guardian angel! And although cats are often said to be cold and distant, they do have a soft and sweet side to open up to the ones whom they truly adore.

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