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Kitten Desires To Be Continually Active And To Start Walking

A kitten with a paralyzed rear limb has been contacted about Jessica Roof, the founder of Kitten Carer Rescue, asking for assistance. The mother took the infant to safety without moving aside.

The kitten was skin and bones when it came, sluggish, hungry, and flea-infested. He dragged his torso and legs down the floor, using only his front paws, making it clear that the lower part of his body did not feel anything, Jessica relates.

The kitten was interested in food from the start and meowed loudly despite having to suffer so much.

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

The kitten named Mohan was about three weeks old. Volunteer nanny Courtney kindly invited him to her cozy home.

“He snuggled close to me all night and just stared at me with his big, beautiful eyes—I knew he was happy to be rescued,” Courtney shares. “He hugged my fingers and teddy bear all night, purring.”

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

The veterinarian who performed the examination determined that the kitten did not feel anything from the waist to the tip of the tail.

“Mohan has spinal compression between the first and second lumbar vertebrae. Looks like it’s from a serious fall,” Courtney adds. “We hope that acupuncture will help Mohan recover as it improves blood circulation and relieves swelling.”

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

Mohan maintained his physical rehabilitation at home, which included hydrotherapy, while receiving treatment for a potential infection. We have great expectations for this young man since he is a warrior and always wants to be moving.

Nothing can stop the striped youngster from living his life to the fullest since he is anxious to stand and stroll like other cats.

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

“He has such a spark! He is the most sassy boy who is constantly trying to use his legs and doesn’t let anything get in his way.”

“He will always find a way to get where he needs to go. He seems to be feeling better every day in his lower body thanks to daily home therapy. The movement of his legs now is something incredible.”

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mohan dragged his hind limbs, and now he balances masterfully on all four – this is a breakthrough. His energy increased, his mobility improved, and his character emerged.

He likes to grab everything that moves and climb on everything he can reach.

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

“Baby Mohan has a huge will and determination to use his paws to walk,” Kourtney shares.

“I have already seen him try to jump forward, and he balances on all four legs for a few seconds at a time. I seem to be seeing improvements every minute.”

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

Yesterday, Mohan received his first acupuncture treatment at the vet. He played around the room while running around and gave the employees several hugs.

“He was a bold man. He was already dozing off in the car when I picked him up in the late afternoon.

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

The strong-willed kitten never ceases to amaze his people as he continues to live life to its fullest and moves steadily towards walking on his own feet.

Credit: The Kitten Carer Rescue

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