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An Orphan Kitten Befriends A Hardened Bully Cat A Very Touching Connection

Recently in Los Angeles, residents of one of the districts saw a tabby kitten with long hair. The cub was walking all alone and obviously wanted to eat, as evidenced by his thin meow … Fortunately, there were caring people who contacted animal rights activists.

The kitten turned out to be a girl. The volunteers from Alley Cat Rescue , who took care of her, named her Mokki and found a good overexposure.

Credit: Alley Cat Rescue

At first, in the new house, the girl felt out of place, but she quickly got used to it and even began to purr loudly. She allowed herself to be stroked with great pleasure.

And soon someone appeared in her life who is ready to be there always …

Credit: Alley Cat Rescue

It so happened that an adult cat, recently picked up on the street, got into the same overexposure. He was a hardened survivalist – he had seen a lot and proudly wore his battle scars. But despite the harsh life, he willingly purred in response to any caress.

The cat was given the name Garrow. He knew perfectly well what it was like to go through life alone, so the little orphan Mokki aroused the kindest and most reverent feelings in him.

Mocha reciprocated his feelings. Once she got lost – the volunteers came to visit her, but they did not find her and were afraid that the baby had run away. Then they took a closer look at Garrow and noticed a small face peeking out between his paws. It turned out that Mokki comfortably settled in the arms of her older friend and remained invisible due to the similarity of their colors.

Credit: Alley Cat Rescue

When Garrow showed up, Mokki overcame her timidity. She feels secure, needed, and cherished while she is with him. She never forgets that she needs to go back to a buddy who is waiting for her, even when she runs off to have fun.

Credit: Alley Cat Rescue

By the way, Garrow is located not only to Mokki, but in general to all kittens. Recently, he became friends with two new kids. He is a kind cat, ready to love the whole world!

Credit: Alley Cat Rescue

For Mokka, having such a friend is a great success. Let the baby find herself no less wonderful permanent owners!

Credit: Alley Cat Rescue

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