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A Woman Notices Her Cat At A Window Of Another Apartment

George has effectively served as the complex’s mayor ever since he was saved. His favorite part of the day is when he can just stroll around and say hello to everyone.

George’s mother, Jodi McCree, told The Dodo, “He’s truly a wonderful kitty and I’m still in disbelief that he was abandoned.” He is well-liked and well-known by many of the neighbors in my units. He even assisted one of my former elderly neighbors in overcoming her cat phobia. When she noticed him relaxing outside, she would sit and chat with him.


Even though George likes to hang out outside, he always comes back to check in with his mom. One day, McCree realized it had been a while since she’d last seen George, and decided to go look for him. She checked around the complex and was super worried when she didn’t see him anywhere.

“I went looking around my neighborhood in my pajamas with a bag of treats calling for him,” McCree said. “I looked a mess and got some stares from other neighbors.”


George was nowhere to be found, and as the time passed, McCree became more and more panicked. She went back to the complex to have another look around — and that’s when she spotted George in the window …

… of another person’s residence.

George was apparently trapped inside his neighbor’s flat after sneaking in via an unlocked door. In addition to being incredibly grateful that he was okay, his mother couldn’t help but giggle at the predicament he had put himself in.


“He seemed a bit confused as to why I wasn’t letting him outside, and instead just laughing at him,” McCree said.

The neighbor wasn’t home at the time, but McCree called her to let her know what was happening. In the meantime, George was perfectly safe inside the apartment, where he hung out for about five hours until he was finally freed.


He had access to water and dog food, according to McCree. The dogs here get along nicely with the cats, and my neighbor’s dog is really sweet.

After being reunited with his mother, George didn’t act guilty or worried at all; instead, he was eager to continue his outside exploration. He should be more careful in the future to avoid becoming trapped in other people’s apartments, but you never know with George.

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