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The Kitten Who Used To Sleep On Concrete Now Dreams Of Having Its Own Home And There Is A Good Probability That It Will

In a trailer community in West Palm Beach, Florida, animal rights advocate and founder of the Animal Friends Project Carmen Weinberg noticed a kitten dozing next to a home.

A local woman who was feeding stray animals in her area needs assistance. When Carmen arrived, a gray and white tabby kitten was asleep on the porch.

The cat (female) sprang up when she saw the zookeeper and ran to greet

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

“When she saw me, she came up to me,” says Carmen.

The baby turned out to be friendly, rubbed her muzzle against Carmen’s hand, as if to say that she was ready to go with her. “I spoke to a local woman and she said it would be great if I could find help or even owners for the kitten.”

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

Carmen turned to fellow rescuers as she herself had a house full of cats at the time. Vicki from the Adopt a Cat Foundation, a Florida volunteer organization, responded to her call.

“I came back for a kitten waiting for me in the same place,” says Carmen.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

Carmen picked up the kitten, put it in a carrier, and they left. The baby was nervous all the way in the car, but she relaxed as soon as she got into the house.

She clung to her savior, wanting love. That night, the baby fell asleep in a comfortable bed, not on cold concrete.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

She was treated for fleas, fed good food and given her all the attention. The girl was no longer left to herself in the open air.

And with that resident of the trailer town, Carmen continued to cooperate, helping her with cats in need.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

The day after the rescue, the kitten was transported to the headquarters of the Adopt a Cat Foundation, where she was expected: a full medical examination, caress and attention of volunteers, as well as a chance to find the owners of her dreams.

“We are happy that this child is no longer on the street,” says Carmen.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

A young girl named Milly instantly relaxed and started to take in everyone’s affection. She kept reaching out to interact and enjoy everyone.

She is described as a “adorable, lively, brave, and lovely girl” by rescuers from the Adopt a Cat Foundation.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

Millie’s eyes fled to all the new toys, among which she found herself, but the caress of people, their hugs and kisses on demand made her the happiest. With everyone entering the guest room of the shelter, she ran to greet without a shadow of embarrassment.

Knowing how much the baby would benefit from the company, the volunteers took turns spending time with her.

Brianna, a rookie lifeguard, came to visit Millie and was immediately taken in by the tabby girl.

Millie approached, nuzzled the woman in the sweetest way with her very nose, and then rubbed her muzzle.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

When Millie’s back or the area behind her chin is rubbed, she is in utter joy. She enjoys being the center of attention and is skilled at reciprocating affection.

The striped girl is searching for lifelong companions to love her. She will shower the home with the best hugs and kisses in return, making everyone happy.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

The former tramp no longer has to worry about shelter and food. She prospers and hopes one day to get not just into the house, but – to her home.

Credit: Carmen Weinberg

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