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Woman Sees Tiny Kitten Run Across Road And Decides To Follow Him

A woman was driving late at night when she spotted a tiny animal darting across the road — and quickly realized it was a kitten. Concerned, she pulled over and got out to see if the little kitten was OK, and that’s when she noticed the mom cat sitting nearby, next to an open box. She carefully walked over and peered inside, and found three more kittens, huddled up together, cold and scared.

Mochi loved her frog so much that her parents decided to buy her some more — and now, she has an entire army of frogs.


Although Mochi’s family is baffled by her infatuation with her frog toys, it has remained constant throughout the years. Her family is supportive of her dedication to her frogs and finds it to be very funny.


While Mochi loves to bat at her frogs and chase them all over, she also loves cuddling with them …


.. and being fully surrounded by them like the queen she is.


Choco has never criticized Mochi for her interest in frogs, despite the fact that he has never shared Mochi’s enthusiasm. After all, he has his own passions as well.

Mochi’s relatives stated on her website that “the interest with the frogs is something specific to Mochi.” “Choco is also somewhat eccentric, but he was never interested in them. He will, for instance, play fetch with any red ball.


Whatever the reason, for better or worse, Mochi is obsessed with her frogs and will continue to rule over her little frog kingdom for the rest of her days.

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